Student Assistance Fund TEST

Here are the key dates if you are applying to the fund :

  • On-line Registration Opens on Thursday 16th March @ 12 noon
  • On-line Registration Closes on Friday 31st March @ 12 noon (you will not be able to apply after this date and time has passed)
  • Final date for submission of evidence (Supporting documents)  is Friday 7th April @ 12 noon (this is the final date on which evidence relating to your application can be submitted to the Access Office)

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Key Details you should know

What is the Student Assistance Fund?

The Student Assistance Fund aims to ensure that disadvantaged students receive financial supports to enable them to fully benefit from their studies and in particular to assist them in overcoming financial obstacles which may otherwise cause them to abandon their studies.

Am I Eligible To Apply?

All students attending a full-time/part-time on campus undergraduate or postgraduate course of not less than one year’s duration leading to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification are eligible to apply for funding. Part-time students must meet target Access group criteria. Students who are registered as International Students are not eligible for to apply for Student Assistance Fund. Each application is considered individually and the Fund is discretional and is expected to support students experiencing acute or unexpected hardship. All applications and information provided as part of an application are treated in confidence. To receive payment from the Fund any tuition or registration fees must be paid in full or have an agreed payment plan with the Fees and Grants office in place.

What can I receive funding for?

Grants will be awarded in the following categories:
  • Heating and lighting costs
  • Transport costs associated with attending college
  • Rent associated with attending college
  • Childcare costs
  • Books and materials associated with attending college
  • Medical visits or other medical costs
Funding will not be awarded for the
  • The payment of mortgages
  • The purchase of laptops / computers
  • Registration or tuition fees
  • Repayment of loans

How Do I Apply?

Login above with your Student ID and password if you are a fulltime registered students - Deadlines are outlined at the top of this page and are strictly adhered to.

What is the Application Process?

  • 1. Once the application form is complete, please print and sign the cover letter and submit along with the requested documentary evidence. Supporting documents can be submitted by one of the following methods;
    • Posted to the Access Office, ATU Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo
    • Manually placed in the secure box at reception, clearly marked SAF Applications
  • 2. An online application alone is not a complete application and will not be processed. Contact will not be made until the cover letter and requested documentation is received.
  • 3. You will then be queued for assessment. First applications to complete step 3, are first assessed and first awarded funding.
  • 4. Assessment meetings are held the end of each month by an assessment committee.