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The Department of Social Sciences has a long tradition within the institute. Established in 1984, it is the largest department within the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences where it caters to the learning needs of over 700 students.With strong retention rates and student feedback on their learning experiences, the department was shortlisted in 2019 for the Best College of Arts & Social Science in the Education Awards (All-Ireland). 

Our Certificate in Introductory Counselling Skills programme has attracted students who wish to use this award to support them in skills development relevant to their current role. The programme also offers a potential pathway into a new career. Graduates are eligible to apply for a place in 2nd year of the IICP Honours Degree under Recognition of Prior Learning, subject to the successful completion of IT Sligo full award and a successful interview with IICP.

The Masters of Social Care and Social Justice programme explores areas of professional practice, professionalism in practice, equity, social transformation, human rights, and how we can affect change within our roles in society. The award supports career progression and development in the field of social care and social justice.

Our Masters in Leadership and Advocacy in the Early Years programme examines areas of inclusive practice, sociology of childhood, contemporary psychology, educational policy and early years leadership and advocacy. It focuses on this exciting and developing sector and how we can lead and advocate for change in this sector. It is the first award in Ireland to have secured PEQAB approval to deliver in Ontario Canada. It is also the only award in the Early Years field that is delivered through a fully blended learning method of delivery.

The Masters in Professional Leadership programme has attracted students from all over the world. It is of value to aspiring leaders in both the private and public industry, exploring areas of strategy, professional leadership, governance, financial management, cumulating in a large research project of interest to the learner. This programme is delivered online, making it accessible anytime anywhere.

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