Microcontrollers and DSP's

Investigation into the use of the 32 bit Micro Controller systems with RTOS in DSP applications


The purpose and scope of this research is to investigate the use of Machine Vision technology for robotic control of automobiles to increase safety, comfort and efficiency.

The Research Team

Mr. Jim Rogers Principal Researcher Department of Engineering, IT, Sligo.
Dr. Brendan McCormack Mentoring Supervisor Department of Engineering, IT, Sligo.
Mr. Sean Mullery Research Student Department of Engineering, IT Sligo.

Project Details

Aims and Objectives of the proposed programme of research.

Develop a DSP-based model which will process image data of a road system and can accurately orient itself using fiducial marks on the road such as the common dashed white lines separating lanes.

Design a scale model of an automobile, with speed and steering movement control using the DSP model and a microcontroller board, where the image is input from mounted optics.

Run the model for an automobile progressing along a number of sample stretches of roadway under different conditions.

Critically analyse the performance of the model on the basis of accuracy, sensitivity, response time and predictability.