Energy Awareness

IT Sligo are participating in the OPW Optimising Power @ Work campaign. The Office of Public Works (OPW) expressed this is the largest and most successful energy efficiency campaign in Ireland with 270 large buildings participating as of December 2013.

Download Power @ Work Campaign for IT Sligo (PDF)

There has been an 18% average reduction in energy over all participating buildings in the campaign and €4.3M associated annual savings on energy costs across the Country.

Gas, heating oil and electricity used on campus produces thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions every year. IT Sligo staff can have a big impact on the energy consumed on campus and its carbon footprint. Help our campus achieve its 33% energy reduction target by conserving energy.

We are investigating ways to make our campus more energy efficient and we invite you to take this journey with us.

Our Energy Working Group welcomes your BRIGHT IDEAS for energy improvements and you can email us at