Ventillation Energy

Novel natural ventilation in buildings using renewable energy and incorporation of this into Architectural Design


The purpose and scope of this research is to identify natural ventilation and cooling in buildings by means of renewable energy without resorting to mechanical pumps.

The Research Team

Dr. Hossein Valizadeh Principal Researcher Department of Engineering, IT, Sligo.
Mr. Kevin Savage Research Student Department of Engineering, IT Sligo.

Project Details

Aims and Objectives of the proposed programme of research.

Look at traditional or natural methods of ventilation and cooling. Explore natural ventilation, which does not use the assistance of mechanical equipment, such as pumps. Analyse the system or logic used in these arrangements and relate this to natural phenomena, incorporating active renewable energy to improve or boost the natural phenomena Use the results of this study to produce paradigms for the ventilation and cooling of future buildings, building systems or relevant applications such as drying of fruit or crops, using cost effective renewable energy. Provide a system of clean air systems by means of renewable energy without resorting to mechanical means such as pumps. Research methodologies

Desk research identifying the technologies used in traditional buildings for ventilation, cooling or drying based on natural phenomena.

Process the findings of step 1 and identifying the parameters that can use renewable energy to provide ventilation and/or cooling.

Develop a sample model to assess the proposal that is going to be adopted.

Further analyse the fundamental technology with a view to improving performance.

Relate the findings to the design of future buildings.