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At IT Sligo we have a vibrant research ethos. Here you will find details about our previous and current postgraduates.

We are open to applications for Research Masters and PhD students. If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies feel free to contact an appropriate member of academic staff for an informal discussion. Details of the formal application procedure, fees etc are available from the Research Office.




Completed PhDs

Tasneem Bashir Multielemental analysis of archeological human bone. Supervised by Dr Ted McGowan 2012
Sheila Tierney  Genetic analysis of archaeological human remains from Ballyhanna cemetery Co Donegal. Supervised by Dr Jerry Bird. 2012
Thorsten Kahlert  The application of GIS, predictive modelling, and morphological analysis to further understand cave use in Neolithic Ireland. Supervised by Dr Marion Dowd. 2016


Completed MScs


Frank Johnston The vallum in Early Medieval ecclesiastical sites. Supervised by Dr Marion Dowd. 2013
Steven Dixon Nazi deception and fear management. Supervised by Chris Read. 2013
Sinead Middleton  The Characterisation and Classification of Archaeological Glass Samples using Multi-Elemental Analysis. Supervised by Dr Fiona Beglane and Dr Carmel Moran 2015.

Ongoing Postgraduate research

Johanna Callaghan Stone beads from Irish passage tombs: exploring gender, personhood and social language in the Neolithic. Supervised by Dr Marion Dowd
Rita Mhig Fhionnghaile The Application of Geometric Morphometrics to Zooarchaeological Specimens. Supervised by Dr Fiona Beglane
Lisa Moloney  The provenancing of prehistoric amber using attenuated total reflection-Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR). Supervised by Dr Marion Dowd and Maria Keeney.
Mícheál Ó Cearbhalláin Multi-elemental analysis of soil samples from a Medieval site in County Roscommon. Supervised by Chris Read
Stuart Rathbone The construction, survival and historical context of the Signal Defensible Guard Houses in Connacht. Supervised by Dr James Bonsall.
Suzanne Zajac Indigenous and imported pottery in Ireland 500BC to AD1200. Supervised by Dr Fiona Beglane

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