Welcome to the IT Sligo Employer Services. This has been developed in conjunction with the North West Regional Skills Forum. The Regional Skills Forum is a single contact point to help employers connect with the range of services and supports available across the education and training system. Visit North West Regional Skills Forum website.

IT Sligo provides a wide range of services to employers. Employers can collaborate with IT Sligo in the design and delivery of bespoke work based learning programmes. Employers interested in taking our full time learners on placement can also apply through this page. In addition, employers are invited to suggest research and project titles for our students. Information about apprentices is also available here.

Furthermore, we welcome applications from employers interested in sharing their experience and expertise with our students. Finally, a list of events and conferences that may interest employers is provided.

Online Programmes

IT Sligo have a wide range of part time and online learning education programmes available.
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Bespoke WBL programmes

WBL programmes are bespoke courses designed in conjunction with an employer or group of employers for their employees
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Student Placements

Interested in taking one of our students on a Work placement?
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Student Projects

Have a workplace assignment that you would like a student to work on for you?
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Guest Speakers

Interested in chatting to students about what you or your business do? We would love if you could share your expertise.
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Learn more about our Apprentice Students in IT Sligo
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Conferences & Events

We have regular conferences and events which are a great place to meet with like-minded professionals
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Want to let our students and graduates know about openings in your company – you can advertise here!
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