Each year we are proud to welcome a new cohort of Northern Irish students. With a top-class education guaranteed, a simple application process and all the financial benefits that come along with it – we can see why more and more Northern Irish students are choosing IT Sligo.


At €3000 per year, the student contribution fee is significantly less than in Northern Ireland and the UK.


Northern Irish students can apply for a fee grant through SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland). SUSI is Ireland’s awarding authority for further education grants. Unlike student loans, fee grants do not have to be paid back. For more information see www.susi.ie


Students can also apply to the Student Loans Company for a student-contribution loan. Students may also be entitled to a maintenance loan which will help with living costs. For more information see www.studentfinanceni.co.uk


Applications open on November 5th and are made through the CAO. The application process is very straight forward with no personal statement required. Applicants can choose up to 20 different courses. These can be amended or rearranged up until July 1st. For more information on the application process please visit page 13 of our Northern Ireland Guide. To apply please visit www.cao.ie


To view our entry requirements and how the points system works please go to page 24 of our Northern Ireland Guide. If you have any questions about your application or entry requirements, please contact us at admissions@nullitsligo.ie

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