Thought Leaders; A closer look for the curious

Welcome to Though Leaders; A closer look for the curious.  A new podcast and features series on thought leaders in IT Sligo, special guest speakers and leaders of industry. 

Episode 1: The Accidental Scientist 

The series starts with “The Accidental Scientist”, an interview with IT Sligo’s Prof Suresh Pillai. Suresh is the lead inventor in two granted US patents and one UK patent. He is an editor for the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research, and editorial board member of the journals Applied Catalysis B and the Chemical Engineering Journal.

Suresh is also a recipient of the “2019 Boyle-Higgins Award” and the “Industrial Technologies Award 2011” for his accomplishments.  At present he is working on several projects including the delivery of a clean water solution in rural India, tackling MRSA through nano-technology and finding solutions to make batteries last longer.

Listen to the podcast here.

Episode 2: Saving the Historic Huts of Early Polar Explorers

Our second episode is “Saving the Historic Huts of Early Polar Explorers” with IT Sligo PhD research student, Stefanie White.  Stefanie is currently researching how we can protect historical monuments along the Wild Atlantic Way.  Stefanie has extensive experience around the world in conservation work and spent two winters at Scott base, the New Zealand research base in Antarctica, and one year in New Zealand, working for The Antarctic Heritage Trust[1], a New Zealand based-charity, responsible for the conservation of the historic huts as used by such historic explorers as Robert Falcon Scott.

Listen to her fascinating story of surviving temperatures of -49c in a research lab situated in the most isolated place on earth.

Listen to podcast here.

Stefanie carried out her conservation work with the  The Antarctic Heritage Trust.  For further information on their incredible work please visit the website below.



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