Glenfarne Wood Products

Glenfarne Wood Products

Project Scope

Developing an outdoor Eco-classroom product to suit the Preschool and Primary School market.  Introduce additional add-on features to enhance ecological, energy, waste management, biodiversity and sustainability awareness and to act as interactive teaching aids.

Examine the potential school market and how the proposed concept can best accommodate the end user’s requirements.  Investigate compatible add-on interactive components relative to cost, market preference and adaptability.  Develop conceptual design options with outline costs.

Company Overview

Glenfarne Wood Products Ltd has been trading since 1977 and in recent years focused on the supply of timber products to the gardening and outdoor market.

Project Outcomes

The proposed eco-classroom product will be attractive to schools participating in current and future Green Schools initiatives.  Several suitable add-on features are identified with costs for integration with the eco-classroom, including rainwater harvesting, garden boxes, wind and solar kits.  2 Options for the eco-classroom layout are provided with associated materials costs.  ATU Sligo Early Childhood Education course have installing the outdoor classroom as a training facility at the campus in Jan 2015.