Equality Profile

IT Sligo monitors its workforce across a number of equality characteristics, reporting annually, comparing the Institute against HEA benchmark data, to determine both what action needs to be taken to promote equality and whether particular actions taken have proven to be effective.

The highlights from the IT Sligo 2021 EDI Report based on data at the 31st December 2020 include;

 • IT Sligo has achieved the HEA targets of a minimum of 40% male and female on the key decision making bodies; Governing Body (54%M: 46%F), Executive Committee (50%M:50%F) and Academic Council (54%F:46%M).

 • Senior staff. Women make up 27% of all Senior Lecturer grades combined (SLI, SLII and SLIII). This is the lowest level in the sector, with the sector average being 36%. Women make up 32% of senior core PMSS. This represents an increase from 25% in 2020 but is still below the sector average of 42%.

 • In terms of ethnicity, the Institute has data on only 35% of the workforce so cannot meaningfully analyse this. However, as the student body is visibly becoming more diverse, the staffing of the Institute does not reflect this.

 • IT Sligo has a gender pay gap of 11.3%, that is the difference between the mean pay of all males and the mean pay of all females.

 • With regard to staff recruitment, people from minority ethnic groups account for 18.5% of applicants and 5% of appointees. People reporting a disability account for 2% of applicants and 1% of appointees.

The Actions identified in response to this analysis are set out in the full report.

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