IT Sligo is a proud holder of the Erasmus+ Charter, encouraging students from around the world to come and study with us.

Each year we welcome hundreds of incoming students and staff from our Erasmus + partner institutions.

We also support IT Sligo students and staff to complete a mobility period at one of our partner colleges.

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your language skills, make friends and learn in a new and challenging way.   

Incoming Erasmus+ Applications

Important Update: Due to COVID-19 and having carefully considered National Public Health Advice, IT Sligo has decided not to accept any incoming student study nominations or applications for the Autumn 2021 semester. In October 2021, the Institute will carefully consider all available National Public Health Advice before determining if Spring 2022 incoming mobilities are possible. 

Review the list of IT Sligo Erasmus+ partners. If your college has an existing Inter Institutional Agreement with IT Sligo then you should discuss your plans with your International Office. If not, you should ask them to contact us on your behalf.

Complete the IT Sligo Erasmus+ Application Form. When we receive your application, you will receive a notification with an application number. Please use this when communicating with IT Sligo. 

If you are offered a place we will send you an email with a signed Learning Agreement and a link to finish your application to study with us. 

The Learning Agreement will specify the modules available on the programme you are being offered a place on. You will need to choose the elective modules you prefer, print off the learning Agreement and have it approved/signed by your college. 

These modules will earn you credit at home through the European Credit Transfer System. A transcript of your exam results will be sent to your International Office. 


With a signed Learning Agreement, you can complete the application process. 
When your acceptance of the Learning Agreement and offered place is processed, you will receive a confirmation letter. 


IT Sligo Internaional Students Dancing

Outgoing Erasmus+ Applications

Erasmus + offers financial support to IT Sligo students to complete a study mobility in one of our partners colleges where an agreement exists for your degree. Please view the list of our Erasmus partners for further information. 

Alternatively, you may complete a Traineeship Mobility if placement is an element of your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity and will benefit you both personally and academically. 

Important Documents

IT Sligo Erasmus Application Form

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Grant Form

General Conditions

ErasmusPlus Certificate of Attendance for Study Mobility

2016 Standard General Conditions Grant Agreement

Learning Agreement studies

Erasmus+ for Staff

Erasmus+ offers staff (both academic and non-academic) the chance to travel to one of our partner institutions in Europe to teach and also supports a wide range of training opportunities across Europe.

An Erasmus+ mobility can be an incredibly beneficial experience and provides many opportunities for personal and professional development. 

Please contact the International Office for further details on partner institutions and the application process.   

Our Erasmus Partners

Erasmus+ Charter

IT Sligo Erasmus studentss