Management Information Systems – EduCampus

IT Sligo is part of EduCampus, the national management information systems programme for the Institute of Technology sector. This four-year programme, funded by the Department of Education and Science, was created to establish a set of sector-wide standards and implement common information systems at all the Institutes of Technology. We are among the first of the Institutes of Technology to implement EduCampus.

EduCampus encompasses the management of student, library, finance, and human resource information through the provision of four systems modified specifically for the Irish Institutes of Technology. These systems are:

Agresso (Finance System)

What is Agresso? 

Agresso is the fourth system of the EduCampus MIS Programme to be implemented in IT Sligo. This fully integrated finance solution comprises of the following modules:

  • General ledger
  • Purchase ordering
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Budgeting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Fixed assets
  • Enquiries/reporting

Banner (Student System)

What is Banner? 

Banner is the second phase of the EduCampus MIS Programme to be implemented at the Institute. This student system is designed to deal with functions such as admissions, registration, fee assessment, examinations and award processing. Built by SCT, the Banner2000 product relies on Oracle database technology and has the aim of developing into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Banner Modules Implemented at the Institute:

Academic Year Preparation

  • Approved Course Schedule
  • Programme Design
  • Fee Structure and Rules


  • CAO Admissions
  • Direct Application Admissions


  • Fee Assessment
  • Process Registration
  • Extract file produced to ID Card System

Library Patron Load

  • Extract file produced to Millennium System

Accounts Receivable

  • Fee Collection
  • Download Bank Payment
  • Fee Refunding

Maintenance Grants

  • Process Grants
  • EFT Bank Payment File


  • Enter Grades/Marks
  • Process Results
  • Produce Broadsheets
  • Produce Result Letters


  • Statutory Reports
  • Standardised Operational Reports

Application Security

Core (HR/Payroll System)

What is Core? 

Core is the third phase of the EduCampus MIS Programme to be implemented. This fully integrated HR/Payroll solution comprises:

  • CorePersonnel
  • CoreTime
  • CoreExpense
  • CorePension
  • Core Business Intelligence
  • Core Employee Self Service
  • CorePay
  • Real time entry
  • Multi paygroup/pay cycle (weekly, monthly, part-time)
  • Full auditing of payroll activity
  • Parameter driven statutory deductions
  • Integration with Corepersonnel, CoreTime, CorePost, Core Business Intelligence
  • Core Time
  • Core Business Intelligence
  • CSO Quarterly Services report
  • Earnings report
  • Overtime report
  • Payroll monitoring report
  • Employees by cost centre report
  • Personal profile report
  • Social club contributions report
  • Consolidated reports
  • Cost centre analysis report
  • Expenses reports
  • Forms C1 to C5
  • Forms E1 to E5b
  • Health and safety report
  • Leave report

Millennium (Library System)

What is Millennium? 

Our Library was one of the first two sites to implement Millennium within the sector. Furthermore, Millennium was the first phase of the EduCampus MIS programme to be implemented here.

The Millennium system has enabled the Library to expand its services in a variety of ways. Apart from providing greatly enhanced access to the Library catalogue via the Internet, the system has allowed a steady development of a range of ancillary services. Many of these are available online, thus providing a structure for library provision for distance and lifelong learners, areas which the Institute is strategically committed to.

Millennium Modules Implemented at the Institute

  • Cataloguing
  • Original and MARC record import
  • Authority Control
  • Circulations
  • Loans
  • Holds
  • Notices
  • Desk reserve
  • Acquisitions
  • Ordering
  • Receipting/invoices
  • Claims
  • Serials
  • Checkin
  • Claiming
  • Electronic links
  • Inter library loans
  • Patron online requests
  • British Library Artemail
  • Partner Library requests
  • Web catalogue
  • Name, title, keyword, subject and number searches
  • Search limiting
  • Additional functionality
  • Online renewals, holds
  • Computer booking
  • Web access management to library databases
  • Featured list
  • Patron suggestions
  • The use of these systems will help us deliver quality education to our students and will assist the way we meet the needs of our staff.

Syllabus Plus – Scientia

Syllabus plus is a streamlined timetabling and resource optimisation. It helps IT Sligo to optimise scheduling to achieve our strategic goals such as enhancing student and staff satisfaction. Scientia is the established market leader in resource scheduling, space management and timetabling solutions for the Government, Higher Education and private sectors worldwide.

Main features include 

  • Exam Scheduling
  • Student Engagement and Retention
  • Capital Programme and Project Management
  • Academic workload Planning