Free Introduction to Lean Construction Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The Lean Construction Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a free online course delivered through Atlantic Technological University (ATU) online learning platform (Moodle). As the course is delivered fully online, there is NO requirement to attend ATU. The development of the course has been funded by the Higher Education Authorities Human Capital Initiative and is brought to you by Ireland’s largest provider of online and flexible learning.

The course will provide you with video lectures, discussion forums, quizzes and additional resources on Lean Construction topics. On completing the course, you will be automatically awarded an electronic Certificate of Accomplishment. This course provides you with an introduction to what is Lean Construction, what are the Lean Principles and how these can be used in the construction sector. The course is delivered on ATU’s award-winning online platform. Once you register, the course can be taken at your own pace from start to completion.

The Lean principles and tools can be originally traced to Toyota in 1950s Japan. Toyota’s goal was to produce cars of the best quality, at the lowest cost and with the shortest lead time through the elimination of waste. Lean construction takes the lean principles and tools developed in the manufacturing industries and applies these principles and tools to the design and construction of projects, to add value, reduce waste and increase productivity.

To find out how to access our Free Lean Construction MOOC, please view our step-by-step instructional video here.

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Topics Covered

Unit 1 – Introduction to Lean

Unit 2 – History of Lean

Unit 3 – Construction Waste

Unit 4 – Value Stream Mapping

Unit 5 – 6S and 5 whys

Unit 6 – Lean Tools – Fishbone, Pareto

Unit 7 – Visual Management

Unit 8 – Overview of the Last Planner System

How will the course be taught?

After registering, you will receive your login details automatically. The course will consist of a series of individual, short, recorded lectures as well as extra learning resources and notes. All this content can be accessed online at any time. Embedded in the course, there are four multiple choice quizzes. Once you complete each quiz, the next section of the course will automatically open for you.

Will I get a certification for completing this course?

If you complete all the quizzes and the course, you will be automatically awarded an electronic Certificate of Accomplishment that you can print or display online on for example, your LinkedIn page.

Do ATU Sligo offer other online Lean Construction courses?

ATU through its Sligo Campus, offer a 1 year Level 9 Certificate in BIM & Lean Construction Management– see Certificate in BIM and Lean Construction Management (Online). This programme has been developed directly to meet the construction industry needs to deliver projects using BIM and Lean Construction methods. This 25-credit certificate program (Minor Award) will provide the participants with an appreciation, knowledge, tools, and techniques for effective Project Management incorporating BIM and Lean Construction principles. It is delivered fully online part-time, normally over 1 academic year and provides the participants with a full overview and understanding of the processes that are required to develop and implement BIM and Lean Construction Management in a project environment. 

Can businesses lead employees through this MOOC in Lean Construction?

In the design and recording of this course, many companies have advised that they will use this free course to roll out lean construction principles in their businesses. Some larger construction companies have relayed that they will require subcontractors working with them to undertake this MOOC, so that they fully understand the importance to their business and projects of lean construction principles. If you are a business interested in undertaking this course, please contact


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