International Tuition Fees

In this section you will discover more about the payment methods and instalment plans available to international applicants who are applying to a full time, on-campus courses at IT Sligo and who are eligible for Non-EU tuition fees.

The tuition fees that you will pay at IT Sligo will depend on your course of study and your fee assessment category. The Non-EU Tuition Fee will apply to most international students from outside of the EU/EEA. Further guidance on the different fee categories, and eligibility criteria, is available in the Free Fees Criteria and Determination

Visit International Scholarships to learn more about available scholarships for international applicants.

International Tuition Fees - 2022/23

Non-EU Tuition Fees ​

The Non-EU tuition fees per academic year for full time, on-campus courses beginning in the 2022/23 Academic Year will be: 

  • Certificate in International Foundation Studies – €10,500 
  • Undergraduate Courses– €10,500 
  • Postgraduate Courses– €12,000

EU/EEA Tuition Fees  

Please see the Fees and Grants section for information about tuition fees for EU/EEA applicants.  

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Payment Installment Plans ​

International applicants can choose to pay their tuition fees in two installments. For the 2021/22 Academic Year the instalment payment schedule for Non-EU tuition fees will be: 

  • 1st instalment of €6,000. This is to be paid by the deadline in your offer letter 
  • 2nd instalment to cover the remainder of tuition fees. This is to be paid by 31 January 2023. 

Payment Methods ​

IT Sligo has partnered with Flywire and Transfermate to allow international applicants to send international payments easily and securely. You will be able to track the progress of your payment and download a receipt directly from your payment portal account. 


TransferMate Education

Important Information ​

Payment Receipts  

You will be able to download a receipt directly from your Transfermate or Flywire payment portal account. 

Refund Policy  

Please see the Fees and Grants section for information about IT Sligo refund policy. 

Externally Funded (Sponsored) Students  

If your tuition fees will be paid by an external organisation, government, or scholarship, you must provide IT Sligo with relevant supporting documentation. Documents should be sent to 

Living Costs in Ireland

Living costs in Ireland will vary depending on a student’s personal lifestyle and choice of accommodation. The approximate living costs (excluding tuition fees) for students in Ireland is estimated at €10,000 per academic year.

Find out further information about the living costs in Sligo.

International students should also consider additional costs of studying abroad including:  

  • Irish Visa Application Fees​ 
  • Registering with Immigration Fee ​ 
  • International Flights​ 
  • Medical Insurance  
  • Costs associated with travel during Covid-19 e.g. PCR Tests​ 

Free Fees Criteria and Determination

Fees and Grants

International Scholarships

Cost of Living in Sligo


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