Examination Timetables





Please check the timetable regularly as it is subject to change

The examinations regulations can be viewed here Exam Regulations Procedure all students are advised to familiarise themselves with these

  • Please note that the timetable is subject to change so please check it daily.
  • The timetable will not be changed to suit individual’s personal requirements.
  • The Examinations office will accept no responsibility for students who have missed an update to the timetable.

Important Information re Academic Integrity

Dear Students,

Whilst we appreciate that the shift to online assessment might be unsettling for you, we ask that you do your utmost to ensure the integrity of your own work. That means that any work or assessment submitted by you must be original work completed by you, without (unacknowledged) input from someone else. Students should be vigilant against approaches from illegal ‘essay mills’ or similar services which purport to assist with writing assignments.  Such activity is considered as academic misconduct and is subject to internal disciplinary processes. If you are having any difficulties in managing your workload or in preparing for assessment at this challenging time, please contact your lecturer. We are all here to support you so that you achieve your potential.

It is in our collective interests to ensure the integrity of assessment – to ensure that those who have gained a qualification have done so legitimately and that they have the knowledge and skills associated with that qualification. If you are concerned about any academic misconduct you have encountered, you can contact Dr Aodhmar Cadogan, Assistant Registrar (aodhmar.cadogan@nullatu.ie). Please be assured that this contact will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Further information on new laws in Ireland prohibiting cheating and cheating services is available here.

We would like to thank you for your assistance in ensuring that academic integrity is observed and upheld at all times across our institution so that everyone has confidence in the assessment results and the qualifications obtained by our students.