Blackshell Farm

Solar PV Installation – Blackshell Farm – Co. Mayo

Blackshell Farm is based in Westport, Co. Mayo and has been producing rope-grown mussels since 1983. From small beginnings, they have become a leading Irish grower of organic mussels. Following a review of the overall carbon impact of the business, it was agreed to explore the potential for solar PV to generate renewable electricity for use at the mussel netting facility. The electricity used at the facility includes lighting, general office power and running the two new weaving machines which are used to pack the mussels for distribution.

Atlantic Technological University Contract Research Unit (ATU CRU) carried out a review of the energy bills and an inspection of the netting facility. An electricity monitor was installed to accurately measure the electricity demand. This enabled a well-matched specification for a Solar PV system to optimise the use of the generated electricity at the facility, thereby maximising the return on investment. ATU CRU provided a specification for an 8kW solar PV system as an appropriate fit for the electricity demand. The analysis indicated this system would generate approx. 5,800 kWh of clean energy annually.

The solar PV was installed and commissioned in August 2022 and will reduce the carbon footprint of the business by approx. 1.8 tCO2 annually.