Free Programmes under Springboard Initiative

In 2017 programmes associated with the Computing, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology sectors are free to participants irrespective of their current employment status.

Download IT Sligo Springboard 2017 Brochure

The eligibility criteria for Springboard+ 2017 have been updated to include the following:

  1. Those in receipt of an eligible payment from the Department of Social Protection and the formerly self-employed.
  2. People who meet the criteria for ICT conversion courses irrespective of employment status.
  3. People not in receipt of a payment from the Department of Social Protection that have been out of the work environment for a number of years due to childcare or other caring obligations and have a previous history of employment but may require upskilling, reskilling or cross-skilling to transition back to the workforce (“Homemakers”).
  4. People who wish to upskill or reskill to meet a specific emerging skills gap in the Biopharma/Med Tech sector irrespective of employment status.

The reasons for these new eligibility categories have been cited as the continued grow with significant demand for skilled personnel across these areas. In ICT for example there is continuing demand for skills in cybersecurity, data analytics, and many other areas, across a range of industries. The bio-pharma/med-tech sector is noting a particular need for technicians, a range of qualified engineers and skilled personnel equipped to perform quality assurance/ validation and regulatory roles.

The programmes funded for 2017 include:

School of Science

For programmes marked with an asterisk applications are submitted to the provider NIBRT on the Springboard platform.

School of Engineering & Design

The ** Higher Diploma in Science in Computing delivered over two years is only available to those in employment.

These Online learning programmes are designed for students who want to study part-time at a pace that matches their work-life balance. Through a combination of online delivery technologies comprising the web- casting of live lectures over the internet as well as access to high quality recordings, IT Sligo is to the forefront of emerging breakthroughs in the delivery and assessment of online students.

Why Choose and IT Sligo Springboard+ 2017 Programme?

IT Sligo provides:

  • Excellent lecturers who not only have the academic expertise, but also have an abundance of practical industry experience.
  • A dedicated Springboard Co-ordinator who is available to assist you through your programme at IT Sligo.

IT Sligo has developed a Centre for Online Learning (COL) which means you as the learner, will be their primary focus throughout your time as an online student at IT Sligo. COL is to the forefront in bring state-of-the-art technologies to bear in online learning through its on-going research in this area.

All Springboard students will avail of specific job-readiness training. This training will include developing career plans, CV and application preparation, interview skills, engaging with employers and undergoing individual career coaching.

IT Sligo is to the forefront in the delivery of online learning programmes. The benefits of these programmes include the following:

  • Reduced total costs with minimal travel and overnight stays.
  • Improved quality of life for learners with less disruption of home and work life.
  • Access to a wider range of courses than available in their own locality.
  • 24/7 accessibility and improved convenience where learners can carry out their learning at a time that suits them best.
  • Access to expert knowledge from subject-matter experts around the world.
  • Your schedule designed by you.

All applications must be made through the Springboard website www.springboardcourses.ie

You can find out more on the Springboard initiative, including the full information on eligibility criteria and how to apply for your chosen course on the Springboard site www.springboardcourses.ie.

For further information on IT Sligo Springboard courses contact admissions@nullitsligo.ie