The Centre for Precision Engineering, Materials & Manufacturing research (The PEM Centre )

The PEM Centre (Precision Engineering and Manufacturing) is a twofold organisation that incorporates the Enterprise Ireland funded PEM Technology Gateway and the PEM Strategic Research Centre both of which are housed in the Innovation Centre,  Institute of Technology Sligo.

Our aim at The PEM Centre is to: 

  • To service the needs of the industry – working with companies to provide solutions to engineering, manufacturing and technical problems across their value chain. 
  • To contribute to the technical and academic body of knowledge within the Precision Engineering & Manufacturing sector, and to transfer that knowledge to Industry. 

The PEM Research Centre structure provides a platform to consolidate our experience, expertise and resources through our Principal Investigators, all of who have individually achieved notable research achievements through engagement with the industry.

The PEM Research Development and Innovation capabilities and resources provide the industry with a unique single R&D support offering in precision engineering and manufacturing.

In addition, we have forged strategic collaborations with a number of Enterprise Ireland and SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) funded research centres to further strengthen our R&D support for the industry.

The PEM Centre is focused on addressing specific manufacturing industry research needs in:

  • Product Design and Added Manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation and Optimisation.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing.
  • Enhancement, Optimisation & Control of Polymer Processes.
  • Precision Engineering and Micro-Machining.
  • Laser-based prototyping and Manufacturing technologies.
  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
The PEM Centre comprises of 11 Principal Investigators, 2 senior academic researchers, 1 postdoc research fellow and 10 postgraduate students,

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