Maths & Engineering Support Centre

The Maths and Engineering Support Centre offers free support to students at ATU Sligo in mathematical aspects of their studies through providing guidance, tutorials, and content creation.

We are located on the ground floor of the Yeats Library, and have a team of enthusiastic, qualified maths tutors available to assist you in your studies on campus and online.

Drop-in Service: Call by the Maths Support Centre during the opening times on our Timetable. Bring along coursework that you would like to go through. Come by yourself or with your classmates. We can assist you in working through solutions and provide you with additional education material to assist in your studies.

1:1 Appointments: Book a 1-1 Online Meeting with one of our maths support tutors, upload your attempts at questions that are working on, and we’ll provide 1-1 support on the step-by-step methodology arriving to the solution.

Group Tutorial Sessions: Tutorials can be arranged for an individual class in order to supplement the material that is provided during lectures. Requests can be made via the following link.

Recorded Tutorials and Online Resources: We have recorded and documented tutorials covering various mathematical topics in science, business, & engineering. Videos, downloadable notes, and interactive learning applications are available for self-paced remote learning on our Moodle page.

Not sure where to begin: Drop by the maths support centre. Let us know what course you are studying, and we can start from there. This centre is here so that you can work at your own pace, and we will meet you where you are at. We create a space where students can focus the problem and reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed by providing stability, and gentle structured guidance. The sooner you call by, the sooner we can help!

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Dr. Fionn Downes

Dr Fionn Downes



Maths & Engineering Support Centre Tutors

Fearghus Downes

Fearghus Downes

Dr Cillian O’Murchú

Nimra Munir

Amit Goswami

Faizan Munawar

Faizan Munawar