Remote Working, GDPR and Security


Please review the below info-graphic as more than ever while working remotely we must ensure that we are complying with GDPR, if you have any queries please contact:




Cyber Security

Unfortunately, malicious actors are attempting to take advantage of our remote working arrangements to bypass our data security systems which will be an ever-present risk over the coming weeks. If receive any suspicious email or communication do not reply to it.


Report all suspicious communication that you may receive to IT Services.


We’ve already had one example where someone pretended to be a staff member by creating a Gmail address that looks very similar to the staff member’s own Gmail address (one letter changed) and has managed to get themselves into a college email conversation.


We’ve have had similar cases in the past where external actors created Gmail addresses to look like college email addresses.


If you receive an email from a personal address please verify it with the sender through text message or some other means before you act on the contents of the email. Please be extremely vigilant when you receive emails from any source with embedded links – make sure that you are 100% certain of the origin of the email.


If you receive a suspicious email check the senders email address and ensure it conforms to the IT Sligo format.


Staff email addresses will appear in the format or


Student email addresses will appear in the format


When looking up addresses on the email directory, please check that you are corresponding with a staff member, not a student with the same name.


It is very easy to drop our guard in our efforts to manage and operate in the current circumstances. Can I ask everyone to be wary and vigilant and together we can ensure that our systems and data are protected.


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