Alternative Maths Exams

Two alternative independent mathematics examinations (one set at honours level and one at ordinary level)  will take place on 13th September 2021 at 11am at IT Sligo for applicants who did not get the required results in the Leaving Certificate to satisfy entry requirements on our programmes.

The purpose of these examinations is to provide applicants with a “second chance” opportunity to achieve the minimum mathematics entry requirements for their chosen IT Sligo programmes. Both examinations will take place on campus in IT Sligo. They will be 2.5 hour exams.

To register your place for either the ordinary level or the honours level exam, please fill in the form below or contact for more information. We’re also providing resources to help prepare for the exams below – Skip to Resources.

Alternative Maths Exams Registration 2021

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Resources to help you prepare for the Exams

Ordinary Level
To help prepare you for the exam it might be useful to look through past papers of the exam, example of the exam papers are here:
Alternative Maths Exam 2020
Alternative Maths Exam 2019
Alternative Maths Exam 2018

Higher Level
IT Sligo offers a free online Mathematics Open Course MOOC which provides resources including revision notes and sample papers to help students taking the exam. The course is designed for Honours Level but Ordinary Level are very welcome to join.
To Access the Open Course:
1. Register Here:
2. Once Registered, Enrol Here: (the enrolment key is civil2017)