Crisis Pregnancy

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What is a crisis pregnancy?

A Crisis Pregnancy can be a pregnancy that may be unplanned or undesired by the woman/couple, or the pregnancy may be planned and desired however a foetal abnormality may be discovered. This can cause concern for the woman/couple and represents a personal crisis. Crisis Pregnancies are common in Ireland, with 35% of pregnancies reported to be crisis pregnancies.
Of the women who experience a crisis pregnancy in Ireland, 62%  reared the child,  1% had the baby adopted, 21% had an abortion and 14% had a miscarriage (the remainder were still pregnant during the study) (ICCP, 2010).

What to do if I am experiencing a crisis pregnancy?

If you are currently experiencing a crisis pregnancy it is good to talk to those who you can trust for support at this time.
If you would like additional support, there are many organisations available in Ireland that provide services for woman who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy. The following links provide counselling and information that will discuss your options and help you through the process of your choice.
It is important to get a non-biased opinion and be aware of all your options. There are several services that discuss all options but be aware that rogue services exist in Ireland and regularly change their name to avoid detection. Therefore, ensure to get help from a reputable source and ensure the counsellors you attend are qualified.

If you are going through a crisis pregnancy, please know that you can make an appointment at the Student Health Service reception to see and talk to a member of our medical team. We can advise, listen and help  you while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all involved.

Useful links for crisis pregnancy info

IFPA National Pregnancy Counselling Service 1850 49 50 51

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