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Through applied learning and research, the Mechatronic Engineering Department aim to have an impact on the environment, industry and agriculture using robotic and automation technology.

Mechatronic Engineering is a discipline that is concerned with Electronic, Mechanical and Computing systems. The integration of these disciplines enables the development of a wide variety of innovative technologies such as robotics, automation machinery, monitoring systems, renewable energy technologies etc.

The department of Mechatronic Engineering in the Institute of Technology Sligo focus the adaption of this skills to three main areas. These are:

  • Robotics and Automation / Mechatronic Engineering – These programmes aims to produce graduates with skill sets that apply to the automation of industrial and manufacturing systems.
  • Polymer Processing – The suite of online programmes up skill graduates to the control and processing of various polymer materials as well as the role of design of plastic parts and tool parts.
  • Data Centres Facilities Engineering – The data centres programme was developed in collaboration with Google, Facebook and Microsoft and  equips learners with the mechatronic skills to develop monitoring and control systems for the efficient and safe operations of a data centres facility.

Staff in our department are actively involved in national and international research with areas of application in the area of autonomous vehicles, environmental and renewable energies, agriculture and material processing.

The department is very linked with industry and we have organisations such as First Polymer SkillNet , Google and Facebook on our advisory boards. Our graduates are highly skilled and sought after in their respective fields and we offer delivery both online and full time with the largest online programme in the area of Mechatronic Engineering.


Meet the Head of Department

Dr. David Mulligan

David Mulligan is a Head of Department for Mechatronics at the Institute of Technology, Sligo where he has been a school member since 2010. He holds a Ph.D., Masters and Bachelors degrees from the National University of Ireland, Galway where he also worked as a research project manager and adjunct lecturer between 2000 and 2010. David’s research interests are in the area of intervention management information systems for support agencies assisting the SME sector. He has also been involved in several international research projects in the area of Industry4.0, Business Process Reengineering for SMEs, Ambient Intelligence and Supply Chain Management. David is the chair of the polymer programmes in IT Sligo and lectures in several subjects including Operations Management, Medical Device Manufacturing and Mathematics. He has also delivered courses in the area of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Project Management and Operations Management for NUI, Galway and the Atlantic University Alliance as well as the Open Learning Centre. David is also actively involved in Engineers Ireland and was the Chair of the North West branch in 2016/17. Further to this he was also vice chair of community futures initiative for Charlestown and is actively involved in several charities and has spent over two years in Nigeria working as a volunteer promoting SME development.

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Dr. David Mulligan
Head of Department of Mechatronic Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Design
Institute of Technology, Sligo
Phone: +353 (0)71 9155220
Mobile: +353 (0)873665397

Department Staff

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Collins, Mr Kevin Jt Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering
Creedon, Dr Leo Jt Sl1(T) Mechatronic Engineering
Lawlor, Mr Conor Jt Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering
Marques, Dr Douglas Jt Assistant Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering
Mcafee, Dr Marion Jt Sl1(T) Mechatronic Engineering
Mulligan, Dr David Jt Head Of Dept Mechatronic Engineering Mechatronic Engineering
Murphy, Mr Aonghus Jt Assistant Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering
Roche, Dr Jamie Jt Assistant Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering