10 new Jobs for ATU Sligo graduates at Rebasoft Ireland

Rebasoft Ireland has just announced a new software development operation at the Innovation Centre at IT Sligo, along with 10 new high-value positions for network software engineers – most of whom will be graduates of IT Sligo.

Rebasoft is a leading edge network security management software company. Their software helps complex organisations manage their network activity helping to control access and network activity in business critical applications. Rebasoft have secured a deal with the a major stock exchange to deploy network management software on their trading systems.
Serial entrepreneur Mike McGrath, Chief Strategy Officer of Rebasoft, started out in 1993 setting up LAN Communications which became the leading  Network Integration company in Ireland. This was sold to Eircom in 1999. Having set up an managed services business in LAN Comms saw the business opportunity for network management tools that lead to the setting up and sale in 2007of Crannog Software to Fluke Networks.  Now resident in Rosses Point Sligo, the selection of the Innovation Centre at IT Sligo for a new development facility was a convenient choice.

“Rebasoft is growing rapidly and we needed to link with a higher education provider to acquire talent and collaborate on research and development. The Innovation Centre at IT Sligo was an obvious choice,” said McGrath.

“The Innovation Centre at IT Sligo is the perfect location for our software development team as we can hire their network engineering graduates, work with the School of Computing on course development, and more importantly work with like-minded entrepreneurs and developers who stimulate our thinking in the Innovation Centre” he continued.

Welcoming the announcement today,  Professor Terri Scott, President of IT Sligo said, “This announcement of 10 new jobs for the North West is evidence of our close liaison with industry and entrepreneurs. We make it easy for enterprise and the wider community to get direct access to the expertise and support they require.”