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The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction cover not just your classic civil engineering but also broader areas such as quantity surveying to sustainable building, so no matter where your interest lies, we have you covered.

What is sustainable building technology?

The need to use more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving materials in building and construction is increasingly in high demand. The study of sustainable building technology will show you how to utilise eco-friendly materials to construct the buildings of the future.

What is construction economics?

Construction economics covers a broad range of skills in the building industry, but mainly focuses on the cost side of construction which is a hugely important beginning for any building project.

Lean Construction

IT Sligo is a Member of Lean Construction Ireland highlighting the weight and value our organisation places on educating students on delivering efficient, productive, value for money projects – through the adoption of Lean thinking & practices

We have developed programmes which will allow you to work in the future of this industry, such as our Advanced Wood and Sustainable Building Technology degree which teaches you how to use sustainable materials and methods to produce low energy, low carbon designs. In this department we specialise in the following: Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction Economics, Construction Project Management and Applied Technology and Advanced Wood and Sustainable Building Technology. For more on the programme you’re interested in, see below.

What type of student are you?

The type of person interested in this career will be someone with a love of building and a curiosity for how things are constructed. You’ll have a technical mind and be environmentally conscious, with an interest and knowledge of sustainable materials.


Meet the Head of Department

Trevor McSharry
Trevor McSharry

Trevor McSharry is the Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction at IT Sligo. In partnership with industry, he has led the development of Ireland’s largest portfolio of accredited online part time programmes for the construction sector. Trevor is a Chartered Engineer and holds an MBA. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMI), he has over 22 years of industrial and academic experience to a senior management level and worked in the Food, Electronic, Nuclear, Pharma and Biotech industries.

He has intimate knowledge and experience in Project and Programme management, particularly in areas such as large multinational capital construction and process improvement projects. Trevor is currently Chair of the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) North West Hub and recently completed a Post Grad Certificate in BIM and the Digital Environment including Lean Production. His research interests include lean, quality, and design and project management processes.

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Trevor McSharry,
Head of Department Civil Engineering & Construction
+353 (0) 71915 5221

Department Staff

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Staff NamePositionDepartment
Branley, Miss Catriona Jt Clerical Officer Civil Engineering & Construction
Collery, Dr David Jt Lecturer Civil Engineering & Construction
Massie, Mr Anthony PART-TIME LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
McCann, Dr Brian P Jt Lecturer Civil Engineering & Construction
Naughton, Dr Patrick Jt Sl1(T) Civil Engineering & Construction
O'Brien, Dr Maeliosa LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
O'Flaherty, Dr Tomas Jt Lecturer Civil Engineering & Construction
Quigley, Mrs Kathryn Jt Lecturer Civil Engineering & Construction


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