Welcome From the President of IT Sligo

IT Sligo is over 50 years in existence.  In that time it has seen many changes.  From being a regional technical college in the 1970’s to its current designation as an Institute of Technology, and we are now on our journey to becoming a Technological University. 

In this time, education has evolved and so has our climate, our planet, and its environment.  The challenge for us as educators is to help transition our students and society to become more sustainable, operating with social equity, environmental protection, and economic prosperity valued equally, in harmony rather than in competition with one another.  To do this we need to provide high quality education embedded with the principles of sustainability. 

IT Sligo is proud of our environmental record and our Green Campus sustainability programme is bringing a new focus to how we learn, think, and act to protect our natural world. It links all aspects of college life working in partnership with our stakeholders, both within the college and in our local community.

I invite you to explore our sustainability pages and join us in our journey to create a more sustainable campus that is ready to meet the needs of our students and community and is an exemplar of sustainability in practice for the next 50 years and beyond.

Dr. Brendan McCormack 

President, Institute of Technology Sligo

IT Sligo President Brendan McCormack

Welcome from The President of IT Sligo Student Union ​

Students across the world have been a leading voice in sustainability! Students in IT Sligo have been no different. We in IT Sligo Students’ Union are so proud of the efforts of our students and all students across the island of Ireland in relation to environmental awareness. 

The better educated our students get about the issues facing us the better we will be equipped to fight this battle. So, it is through the great work of all involved in the Green Campus committee that both staff and students become more socially aware of the decisions we make. 

The Students’ Union looks forward to working with the Green Campus Committee to further the developments of the committee in educating people in Sligo. We are blessed in Sligo to have some of the most scenic landscape in the country and we must protect that. With the help of the environmental society funded by the Students’ Union, students can continue to progress their ideas. 

As we strive towards a technological university students’ union, we want to continue do our part for society and make a worthwhile contribution back to the beautiful community of Sligo. With continued effort from each student with the guidance of the green campus committee, IT Sligo will strive to become a wonderful green campus.  

We must all play a small part in this bigger collective. 

Ne neart go cur le cheile – There is no Strength Without Unity

Jason Quinn

President IT Sligo Students’ Union 

IT Sligo Students Union President Jason Quinn

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