Monetary Advice

The Union of Students in Ireland estimates that it costs approximately €6,400 for a student living away from home for the academic year (36 weeks).

Remember that rent on apartments has to be paid during holidays and that a deposit of €200 to €400 will be required. Costs for a student living at home are about €3,200.

Spending your Money

It is a fact of life that most students suffer from a lack of money! The following points may help you in managing your money

Try to budget. Remember that you will have most outgoings at the start of the year. You will have to budget for books, class materials, rent deposits etc.

If approved for a grant it will be about six weeks from the time you start in the Institute until you get the first installment of your grant.

For free advice on managing your money contact the Sligo Money Advice & Budgeting Service at Westward Town Centre, Bridge Street, Sligo, telephone 071 9141022.

Talk to the Student Officer in your bank before you get into difficulties with your bank account. The Student Officer is there to help you.

Many financial institutions, including the Campus bank, offer loans for the payment of the Student Contribution (registration fee).

If you feel that you may have to drop out of the Institute because you have serious money problems, owing to a change in your circumstances since coming to the institute, contact Linda McGloin, Access Officer, Catherine Mc Nelis, Student Services Officer or  the President of IT Sligo Student Union.

If you are short of money, try not to run up credit cards bills that you will be unable to repay. Credit cards are the most expensive form of credit available (many have interest rates in excess of 15%), but if you must use one, then use it for making purchases when you can avail of a period of interest free credit before your next bill arrives. Using credit cards to withdraw money, incurs a withdrawal charge as well as having to pay interest from an earlier date. Try to pay your bill in full each month.

If you are a mature student (over 23 at time of entry) and you have not yet received a copy of the Financial Information Sheet, please contact the Access Office for your copy.