Ana Paula de Oliveira Pereira

19th Jun 2019

Programme: Advanced Wood & Sustainable Building technology
Year: 1st Year

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choosing your course:
I have been following the “tiny home on wheels” movement for a few years and I decided I wanted to build one for myself. I am fascinated by woodwork and wood crafts in general, and I can see myself in the future building small houses and customized furniture for the interiors. I chose this course at it suits my current professional expectations and is also quite close to where I currently live.

What specifically about the course do you particularly enjoy?
The practical classes, the time we spend in the workshop working with wood, building and making furniture.

What is the best thing about your course that you think new applicants should know?
In this course we learn how to build sustainable, new materials, new techniques, more efficient and safer. This industry and its demands have changed rapidly in the last few years and this course is a good response for current market needs.

If you were speaking with a first year student about to start your course, what advice/information would you give them?
To enjoy the course! The time spent at the workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn and develop skills and creativity.

What are your plans after IT Sligo and any long term goals you are aiming for?
My overall goal is work in woodwork, building small homes and develop new designs that could provide customers with a good living experience inside the space. But the course offers a wider range of possibilities, so I would like to keep my options open and see what other opportunities may present along the way.

Ana has volunteered this year to take part in a building project in Zambia (Africa), promoted by Habitat for Humanity Ireland. If you would like to support Ana and help her raise funds, please follow the link:

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