Why Choose a Career
in Marketing?

We know applicants can be a little confused when deciding their course choices, especially when trying to choose between areas like Marketing and Business. That is why we have created this page. Keep scrolling to discover the exciting career options and huge job opportunities for ATU Sligo Marketing graduates.

Types of Jobs

Marketing graduates can work in industries and sectors as diverse as retail, finance, fashion, public services, music, consumer goods and so much more. We have briefly explained and listed some of the diverse career opportunities below.

Social Media Marketer– A social media marketer uses social media platforms to engage with customers. This role involves content creation, planning, monitoring metrics, engaging with users and much more. With over 4.65 billion social media users worldwide, this is a key area for organisations. The next time you are on Instagram or TikTok, have a look at the variety of content out there.

Digital Marketer – A digital marketer is responsible for using a variety of digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. Websites, social media channels, email marketing, blogs and search engines are all examples of this. Digital ad spending worldwide has risen from €232 billion in 2017 to an expected €427 billion in 2022.

Brand Manager – Public perception of a brand is shaped by the brand manager. Does the brand want to portray reliability, fun, being eco-friendly? The brand manager will work to create an image and promote it to the public. Getting the message across requires consistency and collaboration with colleagues to follow guidelines.

Market Research Analyst – Having expert knowledge about consumer behaviour, market trends and competitors is a vital aspect of marketing. Market research analysts play a key role in marketing. It is their research and reporting that will help make informed decisions.

Content Creator – Content creators are creative individuals who produce content to engage with consumers. This can be through videos, writing and audio. Content creation is all about creating relatable and interesting content which you can sell to an audience.

Other jobs include Events Marketer, PR Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive, SEO Expert, Blogger/Influencer and eCommerce Manager.

Job Opportunities

We have already looked at the exciting careers for an ATU Sligo Marketing graduate, and the good news doesn’t stop there. Marketing graduates are in very high demand. Even today, June 3rd 2022, employment website Indeed have over 1,000 Marketing jobs in Ireland listed on their website.

A recent LinkedIn report stated there was a 374% growth in marketing jobs in the past year, with 1.3 million marketing jobs posted to LinkedIn worldwide in 2021. The total number of marketing jobs is expected to grow by 10% before 2030. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Singapore and Sydney have all seen an influx of new marketing talent.

Finally, representation by women in marketing is strong compared to other industries according to the report. 53% of professionals occupying marketing roles are women. Not only are women well represented in marketing, they are flourishing. New LinkedIn data shows that women account for 53% of manager level or higher positions.

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