New Ways to Learn

Many people cannot make regular trips to learn on campus, for example, due to underlying health conditions, disabilities, anxiety or caring for family members. That is why we have developed programmes, available through the CAO, which can be studied anywhere in Ireland with no need to attend campus.o.

AU930 BA (Hons) in Writing & Literature (Online)

Students will develop a portfolio of writing and will work on a diverse range of creative projects, including film and performance. Students will be exposed to different forms of literature and create the space for freedom of expression, allowing them to graduate with a diverse, extensive portfolio and a clear writing and literary voice. Read more about this degree here

Tertiary Ed Degrees

You can now start your degree in your local ETB for a year, and then complete your degree at ATU Sligo. Learn more about Tertiary Ed Degrees at ATU.


Apprenticeship is a programme of structured education and training which formally combines and alternates learning in the workplace with learning in an education and training centre. The apprenticeship system in Ireland is governed by the 1967 Industrial Training Act. An apprenticeship prepares participants for a specific occupation and leads to a qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications. Learn more about Apprenticeships at ATU Sligo