Faculty of Engineering and Design

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Design

At the Faculty of Engineering and Design we strive for uniqueness and diversity within our courses and student body. What makes us stand out is the combination of both fields, that traditionally would not be grouped together. Our ability to see the creativity in the technical and the technicality in the creative, is what has helped us engineer such unique courses across our departments. We are looking for those powerful people who can use both the technical, logical side of the brain as well as the creative, artistic side. We want to merge these talents and have an eclectic mixture of students across our faculty.

PEM Research Centre

Our state-of-the-art Precision Engineering Manufacturing Centre was established in 2013 and has so far conducted over a 100 research projects. Made up of five Principal Investigators, two senior academic researchers, three postdocs and three postgraduates, the PEM gateway focuses on IT Sligo’s research strengths which include: laser processing, micro machining and material science, among others. PEM provides in-depth research and technology services to the rapidly growing manufacturing industry of the North West and beyond.

For a comprehensive guide to PEM,  you can take a look at: https://www.pemcentre.ie/ and follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/PEM_ITSLIGO for all the latest industry news.

Our faculty takes up 40% of the student body at IT Sligo

We have got the biggest faculty on campus with approx. 3,000 students. 55% of our students take part through online learning ensuring no matter your circumstance you can still get a university standard education with us.

Putting the A in STEAM

Traditionally Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) have worked side by side. We are pushing the growing trend of including Arts into this acronym. We understand that all these disciplines require creativity and innovation and we want to explore the link between them with our unique programme range.

Our students are highly sought after within industry

We are constantly staying on top of new developments across art, design, computing and engineering so you receive the skills you’ll need to work in your chosen industry. Our full-time students really benefit from being on campus and also from our small class sizes, as they are the first to get involved in the latest cutting-edge trends in their programme. We also feel gaining practical experience is the key to success and offer work placements and community-lead projects throughout the faculty.

Accredited by the most recognised bodies in Ireland

All our programmes are accredited by recognised bodies such as Engineers Ireland which will help get you noticed both in Ireland and abroad.

Our students have won awards for their innovative designs

Our students have been shortlisted and won many awards across the various programmes including our mechanical engineering students who won the People’s Choice Award at the National Ploughing Championships 2018 for their ingenious “Monte Loader” design. Many of our Art and Design students have also been up for awards such as Creative Design student Paul Roper who won the prestigious Institute of Irish Design Award for his “MagPin” creation.

Opportunities to study abroad

 Our faculty have strong exchange links with Kempten University of Applied Science in Germany allowing students to obtain a work placement for a week here. We also have a wide variety of international students from Germany, France and China so you can learn about the industry on a global scale.

Faculty of Engineering & Design Virtual Tour

The faculty is made up of 5 departments:


Meet the Head of Faculty

Una Parsons

Una Parsons has been Head of the School of Engineering in IT Sligo since April 2017. Her roots with the college run deep as she previously was a Toolmaking apprentice here. Prior to this, she held senior roles at Bausch and Lomb and served as Industry Director at Engineers Ireland. It was in this role that she helped develop Engineers Week in 2007, now a nationwide event celebrating engineering in all its forms. Outside of being Head of Faculty, Una is an award-winning chartered engineer and a fellow of Engineers Ireland.

Contact us

Una Parsons,
Head of Faculty of Engineering and Design,
+353 (0) 719305225
email: parsons.una@itsligo.ie