Maths Enrichment Programme

ATU Sligo is offering an extra-curricular Mathematics Enrichment Programme for secondary school students commencing on October 5, 2023. Classes will take place mainly on Thursday evenings.

The programme is likely to be of interest to students who have a strong interest in mathematics, who enjoy mathematical challenges and who are keen to expand their knowledge of the subject beyond the post-primary curriculum.

Our goal is to introduce students to the excitement and buzz of mathematical discovery – of finding a new method or idea to solve a problem that had previously seemed impossible.

The course is open to any interested student (living north or south of the border) and is free of charge, but we will assume that students are familiar with Junior Cert level mathematics. It will include some consideration of mathematical problem-solving, in the style of the Irish and International Mathematical Olympiads which is the world’s most prestigious mathematical contest.

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Please contact to register. 

You will be asked to provide the following information:

The student’s name and school.

Any special circumstance of which we should be aware.

An indication of consent from the parent/guardian to the student’s participation

Emergency contact details.

Venue and Dates

ATU Sligo classes take place in room E0011, in the Engineering (E) Block of the main campus.

Our class schedule can be found here

Each session begins at 7:00pm and finishes at 9:30pm. There will be breaks during the session.

Here’s the link to ATU Sligo Campus Maps and 3D floor plan for easier on-campus orientation.

Frequently asked questions

The Mathematics Enrichment course is designed to develop a sound understanding of mathematics and improve problem-solving skills. There is little overlap with the mathematics taught in school.

While there will be some mathematical theory included, the emphasis will be on solving problems rather than accumulating theory.

Participants will be trained to create original deductive arguments to establish mathematical facts.

The problems studied require inventive thinking rather than applying known techniques.

The course is delivered by ATU mathematics lecturers.

These classes are for talented students of mathematics in Transition Year, 5th year of 6th year of secondary school (and for year 12 and above for Northern Ireland students).

You cannot become a problem solver without solving problems on your own!

Therefore, from each participant, the willingness to do some homework is expected.

These classes are provided for free.

Mathematical Olympiads

Many students enjoy competing with others in areas in which they have a talent. Mathematical Olympiads provide a competitive but friendly environment for mathematically talented students. On all levels, such Olympiads can help to keep up motivation to improve problem solving skills.

At Maths Olympiads students with similar interest meet and enjoy discussing their mathematical problem-solving experience.

This year Round 1 of the Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO) will take place 18-22 September 2023 in all second level schools in Ireland. Top performing participants will be invited to our Mathematics Enrichment Course.

The final round of the 37th IrMO will be held on 27 January 2024.

The results of the Final Round of IrMO will be used in selecting the Irish team for the 65th International Mathematical Olympiad which is scheduled to be held in the University of Bath in the UK from 10th to 22nd of July 2024. There is a policy on eligibility to represent Ireland at the IMO.

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