Population Health and Clinical Nutrition – Key objective 

To investigate the role of lifestyle behaviours in health and disease through clinical, intervention, epidemiological and public health studies, leading to improved health and wellbeing for all.   

Meet the Team

Prof. Suresh Pillai


Prof. Suresh Pillai pillai.suresh@nullitsligo.ie

Research Interests: Nano Material and Technologies

Principal Investigator:

Laura Keaver keaver.laura@nullitsligo.ie

Research Interests: Cancer survivorship, Nutrition in the prevention and management of chronic disease, Lifestyle interventions 

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Maria Dermiki dermiki.maria@nullitsligo.ie

Research Interests: exploring the connection between wellbeing and food of healthy older adults, older hospital patients, cancer patients and cancer survivors 

Principal Investigator:

Margaret Mccloone mcloone.margaret@nullitsligo.ie

Research Interests: Health Promotion, Wellbeing Mental Health Promotion, Infant Feeding, Healthy Campus 

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Brian Power power.brian@nullitsligo.ie

Research Interests: Behavioural Sciences, Evidence Synthesis, Bariatric Surgery, Coeliac Disease, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Nutrition 

PHD Student:

Niamh O’ Calllaghan

Project Title: The Nutrition Related Life of Adult Cancer Survivors Living on the Island of Ireland

PHD Student:

Mahrokh Jamshidvand

Project Title: Use of Protein Hydrolysates to Generate High Protein Foods Acceptable by Older Adults

PHD Student:

Shelly Fox

Project Title: Circular eating: Revalorisation of food waste for the production of healthy, nutritionally-dense and sensory-acceptable food products


PHD Student:

Leocardia Ranga

Project Title: Exploring ways to incorporate insects into the food supply chain: a study from farm-to-fork

PHD Student:

Machailla McCabe

Project Title: Exploring definitions of Mental Health & Establishing Validated Assessment Tools amongst Student Populations within the 3rd Level Setting

Masters Student:

Louise Gallagher

Project Title:

Post Doc Researcher:

Dr.Juliet Mubaiwa juliet.mubaiwa@nullatu.ie

Research Interests: food product design, nutrition, marketing, and policy to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)