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The Admissions Office can provide students with official documentation confirming their registration or enrolment status at ATU Sligo.  Learn more about letters of registration, official forms and how to update your personal details on your student record. 

Confirmation of Registration

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Confirmation of Registration Letter

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A confirmation of registration letter is an official document confirming that you are a registered student at ATU Sligo. 

It will contain your personal details, basic information about your course and your student registration status.   

To request a letter of registration, please follow the link below to complete the online request form.

Please note: the Admissions Office can only provide confirmation of registration letters. If you require a letter for another purpose, please contact the appropriate department for further information:  

  • Programme / Course Information: please contact your department/faculty office if you require detailed information about your programme including specific attendance requirements e.g. the dates of workshops or special events.  

Stamping of Official Forms Confirming Registration Status

If you need to have an official form stamped which confirms your Registration Status by ATU Sligo, you may bring this to the Admissions Office Public Desk on campus (the entrance is across the hallway from Library Entrance).

Alternatively, you may upload a form online.  

Admissions may stamp and verify the following forms concerning Registration: Social Welfare Forms, J1 Forms, Medical Card Forms.

To ensure speed of processing of your request, please ensure you that you complete all sections of your form which you are required to complete.

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Please note: These links are for the uploading of forms only – please do not use if you are not submitting documents. For students requiring a letter from ATU Sligo please use the above links.

Updating Personal Details

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If you need to update the personal details held on your student record (e.g. name or address) please contact the admissions team directly via 

Please ensure that you include your ATU student number in all correspondence and note that for certain requests, we may ask you for supporting documentation.