Nano - Bio

Nanotechnology & Bioengineering Research Group

Group Head: Prof. Suresh C. Pillai

Principal Investigators: Dr. Ailish Breen, Dr. Sarah Hehir, Dr. Uma Tiwari, Dr. Yvonne Lang, Dr. Eileen Armstrong and Dr. Umar Khan

Researchers: Jamie Grant, Ciara McCabe, Saoirse Dervin, Ciara Byrne, Priyanka Ganguly

The Nanotechnology and Bioengineering Division composed of scientists and engineers in inter-disciplinary areas of biomedical, nanotechnology, bio-engineering and food technology. The research outputs from the group will also help to achieve the goals of the current IT Sligo research strategy. The PhD researchers and undergraduate project students involved with the proposed group will be trained in strategically important areas of science and engineering and this will enhance their employability in the high-technology sector in Ireland and abroad. Current research activities included, nanotechnology, materials for sustainable development, polymers, graphene and its composites, food technology, 2 D materials, electrospinning, photocatalysis etc.