Research Centres/Groups/Units

Research Centres/Groups/Units

The Institute focuses its research activities into three main groupings:

  1. Strategic Research Centres (SRC’s), which are designed to focus staff engagement in research in key areas, supporting significant increases in the numbers of research students, successful funding applications, publications and external engagement.
  • – The Precision Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Centre (PEM)
  • – The Centre for Research in Social Professions (CRiSP)
  • – The Centre for Environmental Research Innovation and Sustainability (CERIS)


Find out more about each of the Strategic Research Centres by clicking on the images below.




2.Recognised Research Groups (RRG’s), which are designed to focus research in areas of strength where current levels of activity show potential for building critical mass and growth in research outputs.

  • – Nanotechnology & Bioengineering Research Group (Nano-Bio)
  • – Mobilities Research Group (MRG)
  • – Mathematical Modelling Research Group (MMRG)
  • – Clinical Health & Nutrition Centre (CHANCE)
  • – Cellular Health & Toxicology Research Group (CHAT)






3.The IT Sligo Contract Research Unit (CRU) as part of the Research Office provides a dedicated outreach Research & Innovation support to regional enterprises, communities and individuals.


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