Performance Management

Employee Performance Management Systems: Evaluation and Analysis


The purpose and scope of this research is to identify strategic human resource and change management issues which should be considered in the implementation of Employee Performance Management systems and to make recommendations on global Performance Management systems in an Irish context.

The Research Team

Mr. Jimmy Treacy Research Supervisor Department of Business & Humanities, IT, Sligo.

Dr. Perry Share Mentoring Supervisor Department of Business & Humanities, IT, Sligo.

Mr. Robert Hudson Research Student Department of Business & Humanities, IT Sligo.

Project Details

Aims and Objectives of the proposed programme of research.

  • To evaluate Performance Management Systems in a Private Sector, a Public Sector and a non-unionised organisation operating in Ireland.
  • To measure the reaction to the Performance Management Systems at Senior Management, Manager and Employee levels.
  • To measure the effectiveness of the Performance Management Systems in relation to the organisational objectives for these systems.
  • To recommend how global Performance Management Systems may be fitted to an Irish context.