Capacity Building Fund

It is proposed that €200,000 be allocated for a Capacity Building Fund for 2010-2012 to reduce inhibitors to Research Group development, where a requirement is clearly identified. €80,000 will be available in year one and €60,000 p.a. in subsequent years.  Recognised Research Groups and clusters (specified below) may submit proposals on a rolling basis for funding. There is no limit on fund application per group, up to the annual threshold.

The fund may be used for capital items, human resources, conferences and travel, networking, recurrent costs for underfunded projects etc.

The Capacity Building Fund has no closing date and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis (up to the annual fund limit). There will be four cut off dates in the calendar by which applications for the Capacity Building Fund must be received for evaluation:  14th September, 2010; 14th December, 2011; 14th March, 2011; 14th June, 2011. These dates will roll into subsequent years.

Applications for both funds should be made to the Head of Research. Applications will be reviewed by a panel which will include the Head of Research, an experienced internal researcher and an external assessor.