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An Archaeological Investigation and analysis of Promontory enclosures of Sligo Bay and its surrounding coastal environs.
An In Vitro Evaluation of the Bio-Effects of UHF Radiowaves and Their Modification to Advance Cancer Therapy
An Investigation into Lameness Development in Dairy Cattle
Anaerobic Modelling
Application of Systems Simulation for Optimising Design and Implementation of Supply Chain Management Processes.
Assessment and utilisation of Zequanox™ for Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) control in Irish waters
ATAD Treatment of Cattle Slurries: Engineering
ATAD Treatment of Cattle Slurries: Microbiology
Background Levels of Aluminium in Carrowmore Cathchment Co. Mayo
Broad Spectrum Characterisation
CE Analysis of Oestrogenics
Digestion Treatment Optimisation
Efficiency of sligo secondary sewage treatment systems in the removal of Cryptosporidium and other human enteric Pathogens
Environmental Management
Feed Conditioning for ATAD
Fish Meal Processing
Genetic analysis of archaeological human remains from Ballyhanna cemetery Co Donegal
ICP-MS Methodologies
Investigation of the Occurrence of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care products (PPCP) in Sludge & Wastewater samples using Chromatographic Separation Techniques with Mass Spectrometry Detection
Investigations of laser welding of biodegradable and bioresorbable polymers
Motivation through game design for serious video games and game based learning through the development of a virtual biology laboratory
Multielemental analysis of archeological human bone
Nazi deception and fear management
Public Attitudes to Sludge Reuse
Shallow Ploughing
Small high-quality freshwater wetlands in Ireland – an evaluation of their importance as an indicator of the status of freshwater ecosystems in Ireland, and their role in the maintenance of good quality status in connected freshwater ecosystems.
Soils and Sludges
Study of Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Enclosures in south Co Sligo with reference to VALLUM
Sustainable Development Indicators
The use of enzymes to improve dewatering in anaerobic digestion
Toxicity of Oestrogen Mimics
Uranium Species in Sludge
Wound Healing

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An experimental investigation into the arching mechanism in piled embankments
An investigation of reinforced steep slopes constructed from excavated soil waste and incorporating a novel multi-functional geosynthetic
An Investigation of the Arching Mechanism in a Geotechnical Centrifuge
An investigation of the lateral loads on pile groups under embankments
An Investigation of the Possible Adverse Effects of Vibration and Fatigue Wear on Bovine Bone
Development of 1st Generation Portable System for Analysis of Microdamage Behaviour in Bone
Development of a next generation Micro-ECM sinking machine for the Automotive, Aerospace, & Medical Device sectors (funded under  the FPVII programme)
Dynamic anchors: a cost effective anchoring solution for the offshore energy industry
Dynamically Embedded Plate Anchor – a cost effective anchoring solution for the offshore energy industry
Finite Group Algebras and their Applications in Manufacturing Engineering
Geotechnical performance of dynamically installed anchors in soft clay
Hormonal and Mineral Impacts on Bone Composition and Reproduction
Investigation of Load Induced Microdamage in Bone
Optimising Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant Effieiency
Process optimisation
Source Location of Cracks in Bone using Acoustic Emission
Steiner/Waldorf Education and the Irish Primary Curriculum: A Time of Opportunity
The hydraulic design and optimisation of a free water vortex for the purpose of generating hydroelectricity.
The Sensitivity of Vibration Analysis to Damage in Bone
The use of suction embedded plate anchors for mooring floating wave energy devices.
Units of group Algebras
Use of full-flow penetrometers for measuring shear strength and consolidation characteristics of soft ground

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Business & Social Sciences

Identification and classification and tracking of species using mobile devices and cloud computing
“Business Incubation – the future?”
Creativity in Transit: The impact on early year’s creative development of the transition from Irish pre-school to national school”.
A comparative evaluation of Web Content Management Systems, their compatibility and suitability within the hospitality industry
A model to develop film-induced tourism in Ireland
A study into event management branding, with a focus on the North-West of Ireland.
An analysis of implementation of Green Policies in the Irish Hotel Sector focusing on 3 to 5 star hotels
An analysis study on the provision of care to minors trafficked into Ireland for the purpose of prostitution
An examination of the cultural knowledge and attitudes of qualified Irish nurses working in the HSE North West.
An Examination of the Role of Professionals in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
An investigation to determine the effectiveness of the link between investment in RM  and profitability-A comparative study.
Development of a Product Service System Model
Economics of a communication based model of online distance learning
Food and Residential care of young people
How Culturally Appropriate is the Irish Integration System of Education for EU and non-EU Employees in an Intercultural Society?
Innovation in the Irish Public Sector
Professional reflection processes of primary school teachers on rituals/ritualisations
Real-time Management of Tourism Distribution Channels Using Expert Systems
Restorative Justice in the Republic of Ireland
Silent voices – The recreational needs of young people with disabilities – A participatory approach.
The changing nature of industrial relations in the Basque country since the 1970’s
The Current Profile and Future Direction of Pilates Teaching in Ireland
The Development of a generic sustainable tourism blueprint for tourist attractions in Ireland
The social and economic impact of the Institute of Technology on Sligo and its environs.
The treatment of sex offenders in Ireland
Tourism Destination Management: Towards a Sustainable Management Toolkit (GSTC Compliant)
Using Participatory Approach to disseminate the HBSC Results in a Youth Friendly Format
Why does final year student project generated intellectual property  fail to realise its commercial potential
Why Urban Street Art has become Popularised within Mainstream Art and Design and has Visually Impacted on the Living Environment

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