Call of the Wild

Lighting Upgrade – Call of the Wild – Co. Sligo

Call of the Wild is an Irish company, established in 1996 selling outdoor recreation and adventure goods.  Their main retail facility is based in Castle Street, Sligo Town.  Following a review of the overall carbon impact, it was agreed to focus on the electricity used in the internal lighting of the building.

Atlantic Technological University Contract Research Unit (ATU CRU) carried out a review of the energy bills and an inspection of the business. The main opportunity identified for Call of the Wild to reduce their costs and carbon footprint was a lighting upgrade to replace their existing fluorescent tubes with LED fittings.  ATU CRU carried out an analysis which indicated this upgrade would achieve a potential reduction of over 40% of total electricity use in the business, i.e. a saving of approx. 8,000 kWh annually, saving the business over €1,900 each year (based on electricity unit costs in 2021).  

ATU CRU provided a specification for the lighting upgrade which the client used to seek quotations from local electrical contractors, with the lighting upgrade completed in May 2022.  Since the completion of the project, the business has noted, not just a saving in energy costs, but also a significant improvement in the light quality in the store.  As the recent energy crisis has driven electricity costs up, the value of the savings are even more important to the business.