Duties of Students

In accordance with Section 14 of the 2005 Act students at IT Sligo have the following responsibility:

 “A person shall not intentionally, recklessly or without reasonable cause—

(a) interfere with, misuse or damage anything provided under the relevant statutory provisions or otherwise for securing the safety, health and welfare of persons at work, or

(b) place at risk the safety, health or welfare of persons in connection with work activities.”

  While in IT Sligo students are therefore required to:

  • Take reasonable care to protect his or her safety and the safety of any other person who may be affected by the students acts or omissions
  • Cooperate with the safety systems and signage in place on campus
  • Observe any safety rules and procedures which may be defined for working in laboratories, workshops etc
  • Wear the personal protective equipment as directed.
  • Not intentionally, recklessly or without reasonable cause interfere with or misuse safety equipment.
  • Report immediately to the academic in charge or the Head of Department any accident resulting in injury, which takes place on campus or while on any IT Sligo approved off campus activity.