Public Attitudes to Sludge Reuse

Project Title: Constructing and Maintaining Trust in Food Systems: The Integrity of  Organic’ and the Reuse of Biosolids in Agriculture.

Student Name: Oliver Moore

Supervisor: Dr. Perry Share

Funding Body: HEA PRTLI 3



A research study is proposed, to examine the elements involved in establishing and maintaining public trust in food systems with particular reference to the reuse of Biosolids in agriculture.

There has been much debate in recent years, academic and general, about food safety and food risks. Central to the debate, is the element of trust in food. Yet we know little of how people develop and maintain such trust, and how it may be changing as Irish food systems develop.

This project involves direct collaboration between IT, Sligo and Trinity College, Dublin (TCD). Hilary Tovey is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, TCD. She is currently President of the European Society for Rural Sociology, and has an extensive research track record in sociological aspects of food and farming production systems.

This project is a development of the overall Biosolids Programme, funded in PRTLI-Cycle 2. It will have particular relevance for Biosolids 7 (sustainable development indicators) scheduled to start in September 2001. Results from this project will be available to all researchers within the Centre for Sustainability.

One Ph.D. student is envisaged, to be enrolled at ITS and jointly supervised by Dr Perry Share (ITS) and Hilary Tovey (TCD).