Form Stamping

Please complete all parts of the form which you are required to complete, prior to uploading the form for stamping. 

We cannot stamp a form that isn’t completed by the students as appropriate. 

Please upload the page(s) of the form which you require to be stamped this can be uploaded as a PDF file. Please ensure that the file name is in the following format: name/student number/form e.g JohnSmith S00123456 Form Title.

Ensure the image is clear with no shadows. If you are using a photograph to upload your document, please crop the image neatly to the edges and have as little ‘background’ as possible.  If you are unable to upload a PDF document you may upload a Microsoft Word Document:

  • Ensure the document is flat and well lit and that there are no folds or creases in the page
  • Photograph the document 
  • Edit to black and white only
  • Crop all background
  • Ensure image appear straight
  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Import as an Image
  • Save As in the following format name/student number/ form
  • Attach on completion of below form