Withdrawal or Deferral of Full-Time Study

Here is explained how to leave (withdraw) from a full-time course, and defer study (postpone study) on a full-time course.

Why it is important to apply for a deferral or withdrawal correctly?

It is important to complete your Withdrawal/Deferral Form correctly, especially the dates of withdrawing or deferring.

Failure to do so may cost you money – in fees and loss of grants. 

It may affect any refund of fees you paid.

It may also result in you being liable for tuition fees if you return to study at a later date.

SUSI and Social Welfare often request letters from the college with student Withdrawal/ Deferral dates.

It is not enough to tell or email a Lecturer or Head of Department that you are leaving.

You must complete the Official Process and fill the relevant Official Form.

You can find the Forms and Procedures below.

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Important dates for refunds when deferring or withdrawing from study:

  • Where full fees have been paid a 100% refund may apply if withdrawal/deferral occurs before October 31st.
  • Where full fees have been paid a 50% refund may be awarded if a withdrawal / deferral occurs between 31st October and 31st
  • No refund is applicable after the 31st of January.

What fees are applicable upon recommencement after deferral?

  • Where deferral occurred before 31st October, there is no fee
  • Where deferral occurred between 31st October to 31st January, 50% Fees apply (tuition + contribution)
  • Where deferral occurred after 31st January 100% Fees apply (tuition + contribution)


For full-time students who wish to request defer study (Module/Semester/Year)


Please note that students on ACCS/part-time and distance learning courses must contact the Admissions Office at admissions@nullitsligo.ie to enquire about the withdrawal and deferral procedure for ODL students. 

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  • How do I contact the Examinations office to defer an exam or project? 

Visit the Examinations web page. 

  • I am a part-time student who wishes to defer study, or withdraw. 

Get in touch with the Admissions Office at admissions@nullitsligo.ie

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