McCauley Wood Fuels

McCauely Wood Fuels

Project Scope

Drying wood chip fuel to meet potential market demand for MC < 30%.

Contract Research Unit (CRU) carried out research of relevant wood chip drying technologies to identify suitable solutions for the MWF facility.  These include research of capital and operating costs and financial incentives.

Company Overview

McCauley Wood Fuels (MWF) produces dried wood fuels for the North-West & Midlands of Ireland including seasoned softwood firewood logs and WFQA certified Wood Chip in different grades and moisture content for Commercial & Domestic Biomass Boilers.

Project Outcomes

Contract Research Unit (CRU) identified 2 suitable drying solutions: Drying Containers and retrofitting the existing storage shed with drying infrastructure.  We sought quotations and provided estimates of capital & operating costs and developed an economical model to facilitate MWF in determining a viable market price for dried wood chip.

Client Testimonial

“We received research support from the Contract Research Unit (CRU). We had ideas for improving capacity, but we were struggling to get in-depth and sufficient technical and financial knowledge on ourselves, we lacked industry knowledge in this area and had not the resources in-house to carry out the necessary research. We outlined the processing constraints we wanted to address to Contract Research Unit (CRU), who then extensively researched the topic and provided us with a very informative report on the technical and financial aspects and recommendations on how we should proceed in these areas in the future. “

Existing wood fuel storage

Lauber L-ENZ Drying container system

Retrofit drying shed option

Economic models