Service Guarantees

Consumer perceptions of service guarantees.


The primary objective of this study is to explore the under researched area of service guarantees. Within the research it is hoped to understand the significance attached to service guarantees by both consumers and service providers.

This research endeavours to understand how service providers and service consumers perceive service guarantees.

Specifically, do consumers see service guarantees as a means of reducing risk inherent in purchasing a service, i.e. psychological, social, physical, or financial.

An objective of the research is to ascertain if a service guarantee influences the purchase decision.

Are Guarantees used by service providers as a deliberate technique to reduce risk ?

It the offering of a guarantee seen as a marketing tool or an essential quality component ?

What are the findings by providers of the warranty offering, consumer loyalty ? Consistency ? and which one is of the most significance to them ?

Is the introduction of a warranty program enabling articulated complaints to reach service provider thereby reducing the impetus for negative word of mouth ?

The Research Team

Ms. Mary O’Keeffe Principal Researcher Department of Business & Humanities, IT, Sligo. Ms. Carol Brophy Research Student Department of Business & Humanities, IT Sligo.

Project Details

The bulk of the research shall be compiled by interviews involving relevant parties. A sample will be taken ensuring a broad sampling. The main participants are envisaged to be consumer of service industries. The survey will contain open ended and also yes or no responses,

The respondents will also be categorised into demographics to chart any possible pattern within a particular demographic grouping, this may lead to a more intense research base.

Where service providers are concerned, interviews will be carried out with appropriate personnel, there will be specific questions modified to each interviewee which will be scheduled to take place before the above interviews.

A written questionnaire will also be compiled to be sent out prior to meeting, thereby allowing relevant questions to be devised