Range of expertise and innovation supports to SMEs

Scale up Academy is a new cross-European Network supporting SMEs to move to the next stage of growth and internationalise their business. The Network involves cooperation of 14 partners from Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Partners consist of 6 Higher Education institutes, one from each country and 8 Industry partners drawn from all 6 countries. 

What Scale Up Academy Offers SMEs

Scale Up Academy offers participating SMEs a range of expertise and innovation supports over 18 months.
Supports to SMEs include:

• Access to a range of expertise and experts from across six higher education institutions, eight industry organisations, as well as to the European Institute of Technology Knowledge and Innovation Community that is relevant to their own industry sector.

• A personal mentor will be assigned to help guide and support the development of a strategic plan for their company.

• Monthly participation in a Peer Mentoring Group of 10 companies that face similar challenges. Here companies through expert led facilitation of the group can share their experiences and provide each other with contacts, support and advice to help with their internationalization plans.

• The monthly Peer Mentoring network provides a safe and confidential forum for managers to discuss the issues currently facing their companies.

• Engage and participate in a range of expert training events relevant to their industry sector. Events will be delivered monthly, and participants can choose which events are most suitable.

• Receive an academic award for the Strategic Plan completed for their company.

• There will be the opportunity to travel and meet in person for up to two of your Peer Networking sessions and attend expert training events.

There is no cost for SMEs to participate as all activities are fully funded.


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