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The Institute of Technology Sligo brand guidelines are founded from its Strategic Plan 2017-2022. These guidelines have been developed to help ensure consistency across our communications. These two documents have helped form the content on this page and are linked below.

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IT Sligo Brand Guidelines

IT Sligo Strategic Plan

Identity Principles

IT Sligo’s mission is advancing economic, social and environmental sustainability through education, innovation, and engagement, producing graduates who are innovative, confident and capable of leading the development of the region and beyond.

Our Communications should always reflect the Mission, Culture and Aims of the Institute.


students to reach their full potential


respect, equality, inclusion and diversity


by being innovative and ambitious


respect, equality, inclusion and diversity


that publicly funded higher education should be accessible to all


students, staff, business, community and the environment


proactively to economic and societal challenges


for the enhancement
of our economy, society and environment

Logo Downloads

The IT Sligo logo should be used as a primary visual identified across all materials internally, nationally and internationally including signage. Your choice of logo will depend on its application and should follow the guidelines set out in our brand guidelines document.

Web resolution images are available below and higher specification logos can be available by contacting

The main version of the IT Sligo logo is the full colour option. Use this version where possible. The 2 colour and reversed version which are suitable for use on dark backgrounds.

Primary Logo
Reversed Logo
2 Colour Logo Version 1
2 Colour Logo Version 2

Secondary Logos & Sub-brands

Colour Palette

Colour provides a strong visual link to our visual identity –  we have a primary and secondary colour palette available.

Primary Colours

These two primary colours from our logo are representative of the dark coloured stone of Benbulben peak, sweeping down to the lush green countryside and onwards again into the blue sea.

IT Sligo Green

C50 M0 Y98 K0
R141 G198 B66

IT Sligo Blue

C100 M50 Y35 K20
R0 G94 B121

Secondary Colours

Our secondary colour palette is a fresh, bright and appealing suite which were originally inspired by nature and the surrounding Sligo landscape. We have further whittled these down to six instead of nine for this brand re-evaluation.


C0 M75 Y90 K0
R242 G101 B49


C0 M78 Y33 K0
R241 G96 B124


C20 M10 Y90 K0
R212 G205 B64


C55 M0 Y40 K0
R112 G199 B173


C62 M0 Y21 K31
R56 G147 B155


C60 M20 Y20 K60
R47 G87 B99

Faculty Colours

Each of our faculties are also represented by one defining colour.

Business & Social Sciences

C100 M0 Y0 K5
R0 G165 B227


C80 M0 Y45 K0
R0 G181 B165

Engineering & Design

C0 M50 Y100 K0
R247 G148 B29


An overview of our font families is below. If you don’t have access to Trade Gothic Heavy or Din for marketing materials please get in touch with our team. For most everyday communications Arial is the preferred typeface.

Trade Gothic Heavy

For headings where emphasis is required we use Trade Gothic Heavy at a large point size combined with a thick coloured underline all in caps.


The Din font family is used for body copy throughout IT Sligo marketing collateral from the latest Prospectus to course brochures. It has sufficient weight variations and italics to cover every eventuality whilst maintaining brand consistency.

For sub headings we use Din Black sometimes combined with a thick coloured underline and sometimes without. We use it in lower and upper case depending which elements need more or less emphasis.



For most everyday communications we are sometimes restricted by the number of available typefaces. In this scenario, Arial is our preferred typeface. Arial is a standard font on most computers and comes in three handy weights, black, regular and bold which helps create more interesting solutions.



IT Sligo letterheads, email signatures and other templates can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons below.

The branded backgrounds for Adobe Connect and MS Teams may appear mirrored when you look at yourself in a virtual platform, but they are correct and will appear the correct way around for others within the virtual platform.

If you use Zoom then the Adobe Connect versions are the same size.


IT Sligo’s Marketing team can help you source photography. The IT Sligo Flikr account has a selection of images available but for a larger library please contact our team

Style & Tone

Photography is an integral part of our personality and tone of voice and needs to be used consistently to create a unified look across all of our communications. We use a combination of students, groups of students, the campus and some images from Sligo town and the amazing countryside surrounding.

Images used should always reflect the core of what we are about. Our images tend to be simple and natural in order to communicate that we are real.

Photography Guidelines

Photographs should always strive to be simple, clear, original, engaging, thought-provoking and always reflect autenticity.

They have to be of a high quality. Ideally professionally shot and/or properly/ professionally retouched. They should be well compossed and thought out.

We want our photographic language to be honest, believable and real. And it’s because of this that we try and avoid stock images.

Minimum Image Specifications

Print: 300 dpi

Online/digital: 72 dpi

Here’s a small selection to illustrate our photographic visual style.


There is a video library available for use in course promotion and other Institute video content – please contact for more information on footage available.


A multi-party Framework Is in place for the provision of Marketing, Stationery and Print Services to IT Sligo. A mini competition is held per project with the panel of successful tenderers.

Anglo Printers Limited

Mell Industrial Estate, Drogheda, Co. Louth 041 9835000

GPS Colour Graphics

4, Marshals Road Belfast BT5 6SR 0044 2890 702020

Hyphen Print Management

Tymon Lane, Tallaght, Dublin 24
085 101 8600


The supply of Event & Promotional Signage Tender is awarded to Ballast Signs.

The contact sales person is Sean Creaven Tel: 071 9142045   Mobile : 085 8619590

Graphic Design Requests

Graphic Design services are available and centrally managed by the Marketing team. A tender is in place with The Pierce Partnership t/a The Foundation. Individual requests can be sent to or by completing the form below.

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