Welcome to the start of your college experience. It’s an exciting time, but a nerve-wracking one too. We know what it’s like to make the transition and we also know how to help you make it. We have a number of supports in place to help you enjoy these first steps on the journey that will lead to your independence, your education and eventually, your career.


Induction is a programme of events we’ve designed to help you settle into college life, it takes place before classes commence for the year. During induction, you will receive important items such as your timetable and student ID. A campus tour will help locate the different labs, lecture theatres, and classrooms you will use in the coming year. You will also meet and speak with your lecturers, learn about the different subjects in your course, get familiar with the support services and library facilities available and, of course, you’ll meet your new classmates.

IT Sligo Induction


During Induction, each student will have the opportunity to complete a Student Profiler Assessment. The Student Profiler will give you a better understanding of your strengths and challenges. You will receive a report at the end of the assessment providing you with instant guidance. The assessment will also highlight any undiagnosed learning difficulties and point you in the direction of all the amazing supports available. This information and guidance will be instrumental as you start your journey here at IT Sligo.


The Student Mentoring Programme gives new students a peer to peer support network. You’ll be placed in a group with your classmates and assigned a student mentor. Student mentors are fully trained 2nd, 3rd or 4thyear students who are studying the same course as you. They have gone through everything you will face in the coming year. They are available to answer basic questions via email, text message or phone call. They can answer practical questions about timetables and room locations or even just where to buy the best coffee!

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